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Online material cited in:

Maghiel van Crevel, Tian Yuan Tan, Michel Hockx (eds.):
Text, Performance, and Gender in Chinese Literature: Essays in Honor of Wilt Idema (Leiden / Boston: Brill, 2009)


Contents: chapters by

Wang, David Der-wei:

Olympic Games Museum, Olympic Art Competition 1936 Berlin.
Downloaded 22 Jan 2009
Orig. URL: http://olympic-museum.de/art/1936.htm

Kouwenhoven, Frank and Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet:

Zhang Jun 張軍 (2006), "Huanxian huanchengzhen miaohui yingxi diaocha sanji" 環縣環城鎮廟會影戲調查散記 (Field Notes on Shadow Puppetry at a Temple Festival in Huanchengzhen, Huanxian). Institute of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage, Sun Yat-sen University 中山大學中國非物質文化遺產研究中心.
Downloaded 13 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://drama.sysu.edu.cn/wenhua/Article/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=576

Van Crevel, Maghiel:

Garrett, S.C. (2008), "Featured Response by S.C. Garrett to 'Who said poetry is what gets lost in translation?'," Packington Review.
Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://www.packingtownreview.com/blog/view/6

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Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://china.poetryinternationalweb.org/piw_cms/cms/cms_module/index.php?obj_id=976&x=1

Shen Haobo 沈浩波 [2004], Audio recordings of Shen’s reading

Van Crevel, Maghiel (2008), "Avant-Garde Poetry from the People’s Republic of China: A Bibliography of Individual and Multiple-Author Books," MCLC Resource Center.
Downloaded 21 Sep 2008
Orig. URL: http://mclc.osu.edu/rc/pubs/vancrevel3.html

Yi Sha 伊沙 [2007], Yi Sha’s reading at Poetry International: The text under scrutiny is an audio recording of his recitation of “St-stutter,” as part of the Poets' Parade during the opening night of the Rotterdam Poetry International festival in June 2007, radio-broadcast live at the time.

Yi Sha 伊沙, Denis Mair (transl.) (2007), "Mai Danli yi de Yi Sha shige (1): Chang'an Yi Sha" 梅丹理譯的伊沙詩歌(一):長安伊沙 (Poems by Yi Sha, translated by Denis Mair [1]: Yi Sha of Chang'an), Shi shenghuo luntan 詩生活論壇 (Poem Life Forum).
Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://bbs.poemlife.com:1863/forum/add.jsp?forumID=73&msgID=2147482407&page=1

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Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://poetscafeunitedstates.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!3B9A47BB545E275D!314.entry

Hockx, Michel:

Chen Cun 陳村 (2005), "Ruhe dang cainong" 如何當菜農 (How to Be a Vegetable Farmer), 99 wangshang shucheng 99網上書城 (99 Read club).
Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://bbs.99read.com/dispbbs.asp?BoardID=18&ID=19919

Chen Cun 陳村 (2005), "Xing biji" 性筆記 (Random Notes on Sex), 99 wangshang shucheng 99網上書城 (99 Read club).
Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://bbs.99read.com/dispbbs.asp?BoardID=18&ID=21198

Chen Cun 陳村 (2008), "Xiaozhong caiyuan" 小眾菜園 (Minority Vegetable Farm), 99 wangshang shucheng 99網上書城 (99 Read club).
Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://bbs.99read.com/list.asp?boardid=18

Guyun 孤雲 (2004), "Chen Cun: tangzhe du shu qi le wu qiong" 陳村:躺著讀書其樂無窮 (Chen Cun: Lying Down to Read Gives Endless Pleasure).
Downloaded 28 Jul 2009
Orig. URL: http://blog.tianya.cn/blogger/post_show.asp?idWriter=0&Key=0&BlogID=102&PostID=2889814

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