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Sub Jam 012 - Yan Jun + FM3 + Wu Quan

by Maghiel van Crevel

The CD contains not just audio files (01-05) and the written poems (one in English and Chinese, the rest in Chinese), but also a revised edition of the video images and accompanying soundscapes that were part of the original performance. Below scanned images of the CD jacket, each of the audio tracks contains one or several poems. Drawing attention to the following point is giving the game away, but perhaps practically defensible: the initial five+ minutes of silence on track 05 create a surprise “bonus” effect if the CD is played in full and not immediately removed once it goes quiet after track 04 – but it would have been technically ill-advised to offer tracks 01 through 05 as one unit on the DACHS page. Finally, it is worth noting that Yan Jun’s readings frequently deviate from the written text of his poems – or the other way around, depending on one’s ontology of poetry – on the word level and up: e.g. "used up all the money" versus "used up all the semen", in 'Yellow Submarine', and the excerpting and rearranging of passages from 'Against All Organized Deception', which occupied a central position in the original performance.

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Contents of the CD Sub Jam 012:

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